X25 thermal rifle scope

X25 Thermal Rifle Scope

  •  High definition thermal sensor
  •  Germanium hardened lens
  •  2x zoom
  •  NTSC/PAL video
  •  OLED display
  •  Waterproof

The X25 thermal rifle scope is one of the most widely used clip on thermal scopes around. The model is waterproof and ruggedized, making it perfect for using it in any weather for hog hunting, military operations, law enforcement, border patrol or SWAT operations. Clip on thermal scopes like the X25 offer versatility in that they can be used in conjunction with ACOG or day optics (for increased zoom) without having to rezero or as a standalone thermal scope for day or night time shooting.

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About the X25 Thermal Rifle Scope

The X25 thermal rifle scope features a 17Um FLIR uncooled microbolometer core, which makes thermal viewing impervious to smoke, fog, rain or foliage. Nothing that breaths and bleeds will be able to hide from the power of this thermal scope, making it perfect for combat operations. The unit doesn't emit any visible light or RF energy, allowing you to stay under the safety of cover on the battlefield, undetected by the enemy.

X25 Thermal Rifle Scope Applications:

X25 thermal rifle scope mounted on a rifle

X25 Thermal Rifle Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Uncooled FPA microbolometer, shock resistant 17Um
Lens 2x hardened Germanium
Video output NTSC/PAL
FOV 11°
Video output NTSC
Batteries (2) CR123A 3V
Environmental Waterproof
Display 640x480 OLED
Dimensions 7.9” X 2.6” X 3.1”
Weight 1.5lbs