IR700 Thermographic Camera

IR700 Thermographic Camera

  •  Real time thermal analysis
  •  Full color thermal imaging
  •  Unique electro-optical zoom function
  •  Rainbow, greyscale & high contrast image modes
  •  Digital image storage
  •  Emissivity correction

The IR700 thermographic camera models were designed for applications requiring accurate real-time analysis, condition monitoring & thermographic profiling. Digital storage, a unique electro optical zoom and compatibility with modern analysis software makes the 700 series a great value as an analysis tool. The unique electro-optical zoom lets you move in tight to image the smallest of components on your boards. The zoom is adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical fields of view so that you have complete control of your imaging project. This is a very handy feature in the infrared imaging world. Imagine what you could be doing in your lab right know with the 700 series thermographic camera system.

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About the IR700 Thermographic Camera

The 700 thermographic camera system is perfect for more than just circuit board images. The lab configuration of the system makes it the ideal solution for product analysis or research and development efforts. The separate scanner head lets you position the camera above the target or in an extreme location while the control panel monitor station gives you comfortable access to all imaging and analysis functions.

By choosing the right analysis palette for your application you can spot the anomalies that you are looking for. The image shows a close up of a small screw in three of the 700 series palettes. The greyscale image shows you an image that is the most recognizable. Notice how the color image in the rainbow palette highlights the differences in temperature better than the grayscale image. The high contrast palette takes this to the extreme.

IR700 thermographic camera full color palettes

IR700 Thermographic Camera Applications:

black hot thermal image of a man

IR700 Thermographic Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector MCT (Mercury Cadmium Telluride) 256x256
Temperature measurement range -20 C to +400 C (-4 F to 752 F) (Optional range to 1500C)
Temperature reference Referenced internal 60hz sampled
FOV 15° x 20°
Video output RS170 EIA/NTSC
Electro-optical zoom 4x continuous
Frame rate 60 Hz
Palettes Black & white, full color
Display TFT LCD viewfinder
Dimensions 10" x 5" x 5"
Tripod Mount 1/4" 20

Thermal profiling with IR700 thermographic camera

Thermal profiling

Electrical scan with IR700 thermographic camera

Electrical scan

PCB scan with IR700 thermographic camera

PCB scan

Microchip scan with IR700 thermographic camera

Microchip scan