The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals.
The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.


Thermal-Eye infrared imaging cameras

Thermal Eye infrared cameras offer a wide variety of Thermal imaging systems
catered for various applications such as military, security, surveillance,
commercial & industrial.


Thermal-Eye 2400xp

The Thermal-Eye 2400xp is a dual sensor (visible and thermal imaging) camera that offers Gold-Standard thermal image quality for security applications. It is available as a fixed mount camera or with pan & tilt/slew to queue capability. Applications are: ∑ Military ∑ Law enforcement ∑ Executive security ∑ Covert operations ∑ Residential ∑ Industrial & more...
Key Product Features Include:
'Gold-Standardí BST image quality with clear 320x240 resolution
High resolution fully automatic CCD Visible Camera with 25X Optical Zoom and 12X Digital Zoom
Heavy duty pan and tilt positioning system
∑ Optional window wiper assembly available
Optional GUI Software defines a region-of-interest, automatically detects motion and provides alarm for intruder alert(s)
Automatic or manual camera control through Optional TTL & RS-232 Communications GUI Software
Thermostatically controlled heating and cooling weatherized enclosure w/ Solar Shield
Complete immunity to damage from solar radiation

Key Product Benefits Include:
Provides full motion and real-time day/night 24x7 video surveillance
Monitors full perimeter in darkness, weather and over long distances
Detects intruders and protects assets with passive, non-intrusive technology
Eliminates need for enhanced light
Reduces energy costs
Saves time, money and resources while providing round-the-clock security and protection
Integrates easily into existing security infrastructure

Thermal-Eye X100xp

The Thermal-Eye X100xp is the smallest and lightest handheld thermal imaging camera available on the market today. It is designed for a variety of applications, including public safety, security and military.

The state-of-the art amorphous silicon micro-bolometer technology found inside the Thermal-Eye X100xp is what permits the camera to be so small and light. Measuring about five inches long and weighing only thirteen ounces, the X100xp easily fits into the palm of a hand or pocket, perfect for covert operations or convenience. The camera presents a huge advantage for the operator, providing the ability to see the unseen, even in the dark of night, whether conducting a routine patrol, fugitive search or covert military mission.


Thermal-eye X200Xp

The X200xp has improved image processing for best-in-class image quality. The unitís sophisticated image processing provides greater scene detail and improved clarity and sharpness. The technology also offers improved vision in challenging field conditions like dust, smoke and complete darkness, all while preventing a blooming effect from nearby lights common in image intensification cameras. The 30-hertz, 30-Ķm detector ensures not only a fast turn-on time, but also real-time video imaging.

Key Product Features Include:
Enhanced DSP image processing
On-screen battery level indicator
Left or right hand operation with slip resistent grip
Tactile battery loading feature
Sealed cover for enclosing video and power jacks
Long eye relief viewfinder for use with glasses
1/4-20 tripod mount

Standard Equipment Includes:
Mil Spec Hard Protective case
2 AA alkaline batteries
Neck strap & wrist strap
Lens cover
Lens cleaning cloth
Owner's Manual


Thermal-Eye 250D Camera

The Thermal-Eye 250D takes thermal imaging to a totally new level with 2X zoom capability and digital technology for greatly improved imagery. The Thermal-Eye 250D is perfect for use in many applications such as public safety, search and rescue, security and wildland/exterior fire fighting. The sharp, black Thermal-Eye 250D is the new standard in handheld infrared technology.


Thermal-Eye TSCxp

The Thermal-Eye TSCxp (Extended Performance) utilizes cutting edge infrared technology to create the ultimate camera for surveillance and security applications.

The Thermal-Eye TSCxp enhances the effectiveness of any security program, by providing the ability to see in complete darkness where other solutions fail. No illumination is required. The Thermal-Eye TSCxp can detect intruders over long distances by sensing the heat emitted from an object, person or animal.

The sleek black Thermal-Eye TSCxp offers a broader operating range than its sister product, the Thermal-Eye TSCss. Athermalized optics also provide the advantage of focus over extreme temperatures.

The Thermal-Eye TSCxp is designed to drop in any standard enclosure and is plug and play. It can be installed in just minutes.


Thermal Eye TSCss

The Thermal-Eye TSCss (Standard Series) is designed to fit into existing closed circuit television architecture as a drop in substitute or enhancement. The plug-and-play Thermal-Eye TSCss offers the advantage of thermal imaging without the need for additional lighting. The small, low cost camera uses the latest thermal imaging technology, offering its users the ability to see through the dark of night and all weather situations without the need for obtrusive lighting or image intensifiers. The Thermal-Eye TSCss is the solution to securing and monitoring your perimeter.


Thermal-Eye 4000M

Perfect for marine night vision, the Thermal-Eye 4000M offers state-of-the-art infrared thermal night vision. This rugged camera was designed to withstand the typical shock and vibration associated with marine applications and is weatherized to resist salt corrosion. With a pan and tilt-positioning platform, operated by a joystick controller, the user can observe or search for boats or stray objects in the water by maneuvering and pointing the camera in the necessary direction.



Thermal-Eye 4000B

The Thermal-Eye 4000B offers the ultimate surveillance vision advantage for public safety and security applications. The rugged thermal camera can be easily roof mounted on any vehicle and offers pan/tilt viewing, which is easily controlled by a joystick. The image is then presented within the safety of the vehicle on a flat panel monitor or managed data terminal. Ideal for mounting on a police vehicle or in a fixed mount position to survey a perimeter, the Thermal-Eye 4000B offers users the ability to see through the dark of night when most criminal activity occurs.


Thermal-Eye 400D Thermal imaging infrared camera

The Thermal-Eye 400DX handheld color-imaging camera provides digital data storage and robust performance, all combined with Raytheon reliability. Developed as a non-radiometric complement to its sister product, the Thermal-Eye 500D, the Thermal-Eye 400D boasts an affordable price and excellent image quality.

With the power and flexibility of the industry's leading PDA, the Thermal-Eye 400D can store and recall over 150 images. Perfect for industrial or public safety applications, the Thermal-Eye 400D can be used for predictive maintenance, process control, insulation analysis and general law enforcement surveillance operations.

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