The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals.
The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.


Thermal weapon sight night vision scope generation 3
The SPI Digital thermal weapon sight is a robust all weather day/night scope that is priced around the $10K price tag. Unlike generation 3 night vision scopes, the Thermal scope senses heat. This is advantageous when utilizing the system in low light or no lighting operations.


 The T14 Thermal infrared Monocular is a state of the art system. The T14 is the smallest and most versatile thermal infrared imaging device available under $15,000.

Our new website has GSA thermal Infrared cameras imagers and night vision systems.

Imaging1 is proud to introduce the worlds first COTS thermal infrared imaging goggle, weapon sight & compact viewer. The T14 offer an advantage over night vision goggles. The T14 can operate in daytime and in low on NO light conditions.

Humans on deck of houseboat

Hybrid Focal Plane Array technology coupled with coated milspec Germanium optics, hardened & rugged housing & supreme accuracy make the T14 the premier Thermal Imaging device available.


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T14 Multi role thermal imager can be used
as a hand held thermal infrared viewer,
hands free head mounted thermal goggle
and compact & precise thermal weapon sight

Lake mead thermal image at pitch dark

T14 Mini Thermal shown attached to the adjustable weapon sight rail
The T14 Thermal imager can be used as a handsfree goggle system. The T14 attaches
to the standard US military AN/PVS7 and AN/PVS14 helmet mounts or head mounts.
The system can also be used a a compact thermal infrared viewer & a thermal weapon sight.

T14 imager installed on US ARMY standard helmet mount
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Explore the benefits of infrared Thermography for Predictive + Preventive maintenance


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