The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals.
The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.


handheld vision Thermal 250D infrared Imaging camera

The thermo-vision eye 250D camera is a lightweight handheld thermal imaging camera system that is ideal for security, Homeland Defense HD, surveillance, energy audits, condition monitoring, flat roof inspections and a wide variety of industrial applications. Now available on the GSA schedule. 

Digital zoom and digital user interface makes the system a robust handheld thermo-sight solution. The 250D thermal vision imager comes complete and ready to go out of the box. Charge up the battery, select your target area, then point and shoot. The 250D thermo-Flash   provides you with a crisp clear vision image on it's internal wide LCD screen or you can attach a monitor for remote viewing or a flash card for evidentiary playback.

optional Flash memory image storage and lCD flat screen displays are available

The thermal-eye 250D is a state of the art thermal ir imaging device that is both aesthetically pleasing (looks like a small camcorder) and ergonomic in design. Underneath the pleasing exterior of the 250D  beats the heart of a true workhorse. The 250D is designed to the meet the high standards of the elite US military, the internal components of the thermal-eye wide sight security flash scope 250D are state of the art and designed to withstand the rigors of combat & are battlefield proven. L3 Thermal Eye is a world leader in infrared thermo-vision technology.

250D thermal eye hand held shown with the wide Long Range 100mm Germanium lens attached. a wide array of  lens options are available from short, medium to long range for specialized applications. Flash memory sight storage is available for the thermal scope 

 This image illustrates the "Black Hot" feature of the camera. With this mode selected hotter areas appear blacker and cooler areas appear more white. This mode is very useful for night time navigation and suspect pursuit. This image was taken at night in near total darkness.
street4.jpg (3788 bytes)

thermal infrared imaging handheld



The optional IRLCD screen attachment
offers brilliant images and
stores LIVE digital thermal images
on a removable CF (compact Flash) Card for PC download & documentation

GPS system Tracking module available Click Here for additional Info.

Fusion infrared COLOR and REPORTING SOFTWARE also available

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Now available: The SPi C2C Digital PC interface module, which allows the user to directly
connects the Thermal IR camera to a PC/Laptop via USB for real-time or snapshot image capture.
Store thermal videos or still imagery directly to hard drive.

Included with the 250D is thermal flash color vision software which colorizes the black and white thermal eye 250D image right into flash color. The color flash thermo software is a great addition for situational awareness sight and scope imaging where security of essential assets are key

CLICK here for ADDITIONAL info on the Thermal-eye 250D camera

IR thermal image of a Cessna Sea Plane recently docked at lake mead, Nevada. This image was taken at 1:30 AM & is shown in reverse polarity ( black = Hot )


Detector Type/Format:  Uncooled FPA 320x240 resolution (DIGITAL DETECTOR) w/zoom 
Spectral Response:  7 to 14 microns (LongWave) 
Standard Lens:  75mm. Optional 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150 mm, and Dual field of view 50mm-150mm Gm lens. utilized as a imager scope sight  
Range to Detect a Person:  2400 ft (w/75mm Lens) 3000 ft w/2x
Auto Brightness Control (ABC):  Internal w/Manual override 
VCR / camcorder Compatible Video Output:  NTSC. flash storage of mpeg and jpeg images (optional)
Power Source:  Rechargeable camcorder battery (6VDC) 
Power Consumption :  < 3.5 watts 
Power conservation:  "Standby" mode 
Operating Time per Charge:  > 4 hours with supplied battery 
Dimensions:  9.5"L x 4"W x 4"H 
Weight Without Battery:  2.6 pounds 
Ergonomic Design:  One hand operation 
Mounting Provisions:  Tripod mount, and optional Gimbal aerial mount 
Operating Temperature:  -20° to 49°C 
Storage Temperature:  -40° to 80°C 
Water resistance:  Splashproof [IEC pub.529 IPX4] 
Call Now: (702) 739-7190




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