T14X Low Cost Thermal Scope

T14X Low Cost Thermal Scope

  •  60hz real time thermal imaging
  •  25mm coated Germanium lens
  •  2x electronic zoom
  •  Black/white hot polarity
  •  Black & white and color thermal imaging palettes
  •  3 selectable reticles

This is the low cost thermal scope hog hunters all over the internet are buzzing about. The T14x is an exclusive SPI product that truly delivers for half the cost of other scopes. The unit features quality resolution at a whopping 60hz real time frame rate, so you'll never miss your target. It also has 3 user selectable reticles and 8 different black & white and color palettes to fully customize your thermal imaging experience. The T14x is made with quality, ruggedized housing and is small enough so it is never cumbersome (7” X 4.2” X 2.6” and under 1.5lbs), and also comes with an A.R.M.S 17 MKII picatinny quick release rifle mount.

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About the T14X Low Cost Thermal Scope

The T14x low cost thermal scope is so versatile, it will be a valuable asset in any situation. It mounts easily to your .223/.556 AR, M16 or M4 style rifle with ease, and also serves as a handheld thermal imager with SD card storage and video out capability. That means you can go out hunting all night and never have to tell "big fish" stories - you'll have thermal video proof along with the pork! (Thermal Video and thermal JPG images can easily be downloaded to your PC vis USB).

Unlike other thermal imaging devices on the market today, the T14x low cost thermal scope is easily maintained and takes just two AA batteries to operate. (You can use disposable or rechargeable). It also comes with an AC/DC adapter for spotting on the go from your vehicle.

T14x Low Cost Thermal Scope Applications:

Look at how crisp the video is! This is deer spotting through the T14x low cost thermal scope.

Click HERE to see more video for the T14x in action!

T14X Low Cost Thermal Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Uncooled FPA microbolometer
Spectral range 8-14μm
Lens 25mm
FOV 9.15°x6.87°(25mm)
Video output NTSC
Electronic zoom 2x
Frame rate 60hz
Polarity Black & white hot
Display 320x240 LCD
Dimensions 7” X 4.2” X 2.6”
Weight Under 2lbs