T14 Thermal Monocular Scope

T14 Thermal Monocular Scope

  •  Real time video out
  •  Hybrid focal plane array technology
  •  17° x 12° FOV
  •  Black or white hot polarity
  •  320x240 resolution display
  •  Adjustable diopter

The T14 thermal monocular scope was a handheld, rifle or helmet mounted FLIR thermal imaging system. These small scopes are rugged and built to military specifications, making them perfect for combat operations, law enforcement or homeland security operators. We get a limited stock of used T14 thermal monocular scopes from time to time, however, we now would recommend purchasing the T14x, x25 or LWTS for handheld/mountable thermal scope solutions, and the IR Spotter or LRTS for a handheld thermal monocular scope solution.

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About the T14 Thermal Monocular Scope

The T14 thermal monocular scope uses standard issue PVS 7/14night vision head & helmet mounts. The housing is extra rugged and waterproof, so it is a great system to take along for combat missions. Being a mounted monocular, you have one eye free for maximum situational awareness any time of the day, low or no light, 24/7.

T14 Thermal Monocular Scope Applications:

T14 Thermal Monocular Scope mounted on a helmet

T14 Thermal Monocular Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector High sensitivity uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range 7-14┬Ám
Resolution 320x240 with 2D interpolation
FOV 17° x 12°
Thermal sensitivity <100mK
Video out NTSC composite (RS-170/SMPTE-170)
Frame rate real time
Polarity Black or white hot
Power (1) DL123A battery
Dimensions 4" x 3.3" x 2"
Weight 19 oz with head strap

black hot, iron thermal image of a man
white hot thermal image of a man
white hot, rainbow thermal image of a man
black hot thermal image of a man