Defender FLIR Thermal Border Patrol Scope

Defender FLIR Thermal Border Patrol Scope

  •  Real time long range thermal surveillance for border patrol
  •  Human detection at over 7km
  •  High resolution continuous zoom
  •  Remote motorized focus & FOV
  •  NTSC or PAL video output
  •  320 x 256 MWIR focal plane array

SPI Corp is no longer carrying the defender thermal border patrol scope. Instead, take a look at the LRTS-15 long range or IR Spotter handheld scopes or the M1D, M5 & M7 families of long range mounted thermal patrol scope solutions we now offer.

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About the Defender FLIR Thermal Border Patrol Scope

The Defender Fusion continuous zoom thermal imager is the system of choice for security and surveillance requirements. With outstanding long-range target detection and recognition, the Defender combines exceptional performance with tested reliability and ease of use.

The Defender Fusion 500CT is ideal for border and coastal patrol, military/Law Enforcement security & surveillance and long range remote sensing for critical facilities, ports, borders, & government installations. The defender is a passive Thermal infrared system which requires no light to products an extraordinary day like image. The Defender offers supreme human & vehicle detection and recognition in a thermal border patrol scope.

Defender FLIR Thermal Border Patrol Scope Applications:

Features include:

The Defender thermal border patrol scopeoffers an extraordinarily clear long-range thermal image with the convenience of a continuous zoom. Its horizontal field of view extends smoothly from 1.10° to 5.5° with three preset positions, and it enables man sized target detection at ranges in excess of 7km in good conditions. The Defender utilizes advanced InSb (Indium Antimonide) photo detection technology in a 320 x 256, 30µm pitch focal plane array and operates in the 3-5µm spectral region—the best choice for marine and high humidity environments.

Self-protected in a proprietary environmentally sealed, nitrogen back filled enclosure for simple secure installation, it is stable over variable temperatures and conditions. The Defender employs remotely controlled and user-friendly plug and play operation. The system can be used as a fixed system or integrated into our military pan tilt rack systems.

thermal border patrol scope range

thermal border patrol scope footage

Defender FLIR Thermal Border Patrol Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector 320x256 InSb FPA 30µ pitch, usable format 320 x 240
Spectral range 3-5 µm
Lens & FOV (500-100mm) 1.10° x .83° - 5.5° x 4.1°
Video output NTSC or PAL
Electronic zoom Motorized remote focus/FOV optical system
Frame rate 60 Hz STD
Display Remote PC
Weight < 15.5 pounds

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