IR SPOTTER mini thermal imager

IR Spotter Mini Thermal Imager

  •  60hz frame rate for real time video
  •  25mm lens (coated Germanium)
  •  2x zoom
  •  Black hot or white hot polarity
  •  Multiple thermal imaging palettes (black & white and color)
  •  3 different reticles

The IR Spotter is a low cost thermal imaging solution suitable for a wide array of applications in security & surveillance. This small unit is under 2lbs and fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to stow inside your ACU pockets or glove compartment. This mini thermal imager can do it all for a lot less money than other handheld spotters on the market today. The high resolution FLIR core coupled with a 60hz frame rate ensure accurate and crisp thermal imaging footage (video & JPG images) you can record to the internal SD card and download easily to any PC or laptop.

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About the IR Spotter Mini Thermal Imager

This mini thermal imager has a ton of premium features packed in its tiny rugged housing. Its monocular design makes it easy to look away in a pinch for maximum situational awareness. The uncooled microbolometer high resolution thermal sensor is ultra dependable and runs over 2 hours on a single battery load. Plus, it is a MINI thermal imager, making it ergonomic and convenient to carry just about anywhere. The IR Spotter features auto tracking for moving targets which comes in handy when spotting game or criminals on the run. Its a true beast of a system at a beauty of a price.

IR Spotter Mini Thermal Imager Applications:

IR Spotter 25mm lens
IR Spotter mini thermal imager puts evidence in the palm of your hand

IR Spotter Mini Thermal Imager Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Uncooled FPA microbolometer
Spectral range 8-14μm
Lens 25mm
FOV 9.15°x6.87°(25mm)
Video output NTSC
Electronic zoom 2x
Frame rate 60hz
Polarity Black & white hot
Display 320x240 LCD
Dimensions 7” X 4.2” X 2.6”
Weight Under 2lbs