RAZ-IR  industrial thermal camera

RAZ-IR Industrial Thermal Camera

  •  60hz real time thermal sensor
  •  Class 2 semiconductor laser
  •  2x electronic zoom
  •  8 color thermal imaging palettes
  •  640x480 high resolution thermal images
  •  Optional long range telephoto lenses

The low cost, high performance RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera is robust, ergonomically designed and easy to operate. It is the ideal choice for an ever-increasing variety of industrial thermal imaging applications. RAZ-IR vides a wide range of unique features and benefits enabling thermographers, energy efficiency inspectors and plant engineers to operate more efficiently and economically than ever before. Capturing both visual and thermal infrared images is a breeze, simple press the 'store' button on the camera and simultaneously, both visual and thermal images along with temperature data are instantly saved to the internal memory. The compact design of this industrial thermal camera offers advanced features such as finger-tip controls, high quality thermal and visual images with voice annotation, on-board image cessing, large capacity memory and versatile USB connectivity at an affordable price.

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About the RAZ-IR Industrial Thermal Camera

The versatile RAZ industrial thermal camera can be used for a variety of applications from energy audit to circuit board analysis. The applications for this new device are limited only by your imagination. Nothing performs the way this system does at this price level offering you the most bang for the buck of any IR system on the market today.

This industrial thermal camera is available in a variety of configurations to meet your specifications. Packaged kits include everything that you need to get started including additional batteries, AC Power, image storage, and more. The applications listed above are just a few of the many uses for this truly unique tool. Contact us today for specific advice on your needs.

RAZ-IR Industrial Thermal Camera Applications:

Check out the RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera featured on CSI New York being used to locate a hiding boy! These cameras can perform a wide array of applications!

A sample of a home energy audit with the RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera software.

RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera software interface
Sample home energy audit

RAZ-IR Industrial Thermal Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector UFPA microbolometer, 35μm
Spectral range 8-14μm
Lens 13mm (optional long range available)
FOV 25°x19°(13mm)
Voice annotation 30 seconds per image
Electronic zoom 2x
Digital video CMOS Sensor, 640 x 480 pixels
Measurement modes Auto hot spot trace, 4 moveable spots, 4 moveable areas
Display 2.2" TFT high resolution color LCD
Interface Cables Video out, USB to PC
Dimensions 4.7” X 2.4” X 0.8” standard mode)
Weight 9oz (including battery)

HUGE features in a small industrial thermal camera!

The RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera fits in the palm of your hand

Take a closer look at the RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera

The RAZ-IR infrared camera has all the features you would expect from cameras costing thousands more. Not only does the RAZ-IR thermography camera take stunning thermal images it also has a built-in CCD camera for capturing regular images as well. One button image storage saves regular and thermal images side by side for easy reporting.

No more messing around with memory cards and card readers. The RAZ iR thermal camera stores images internally and downloads to your PC via common USB port that is available and virtually every computer and laptop.

The RAZ-IR Industrial Thermal Camera comes with comprehensive, easy to use thermal imaging analysis software.

RAZ-IR  industrial thermal camera images

RAZ-IR Industrial Thermal Camera Practical Applications

Overheated parts. These awesome thermal scan images are of a BMW 3 series taken with the RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera highlighting the slightest differences in temperature measurements. Auto mechanics are starting to use thermal imagers to detect blems that arise in European and American cars. This BMW 3 series is 9 years old and after the car was on for 2 hours there is evidence of significant heat in the 2nd cylinder. If you are interested in purchasing a thermal camera for your auto mechanic business or for personal use, please contact us today!
thermal image of a BMW
thermal image of a BMW with the hood up
thermal image of a BMW's engine

Moisture Detection. The first image clearly shows an area of moisture infiltration in a high ceiling of a residential structure. This classic pooling effect is usually indicative of moisture rather than imper insulation. Moisture damage like this can lead to mold conditions if not perly fixed. The second image shows a wider area of moisture infection but not as high a degree of water saturation. The small degree of temperature differential (around 3 degrees F) indicates this situation. The RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera is an excellent choice for this type of inspection.
infrared image study of ceiling moisture
second infrared image study of ceiling moisture

Flat Roof Inspection. Many roofs need to be replaced prematurely due to moisture damage from leaks and imper installation. Infrared thermography has a ven track record in finding damaged portions of roofing structure so they can be repaired before water damage rots your whole roof. Thermography is a non-contact testing method, don't let anyone drill holes in your roof to test for damage.

thermal imaging detection of a flat roof leak

Various thermal images illustrating more thermography uses with a RAZ-IR industrial thermal camera

thermography for tank leak detection
Water level thermography
Circuit board thermography
Circuit board thermography
Power station thermography
Power station thermography
Thermal signature detection
Thermal signature detection
Thermal moisture detection
Thermal moisture detection
Overheated fuse detection
Overheated fuse detection
Home energy audit
Home energy audit
AC/heating unit thermography
AC/heating unit thermography

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