Nikon Radiometric Camera

Nikon Radiometric Camera

  •  High resolution Platinum Scilicide Schottky Barrier infrared CCD thermal detector
  •  Stunning 270,000 pixel thermal images
  •  21 mm lens
  •  Black/white hot polarity
  •  Selectable grey scale & color palettes
  •  SWIR

This is one of the highest resolution thermal camera systems ever designed by Nikon. The Nikon name is world renowned for quality photographic equipment. The Nikon radiometric camera is no exception. The features and performance of this thermal imaging system will surprise you. Limited stock of demo models are available.

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About the Nikon Radiometric Camera

The Nikon radiometric camera uses a 475 x 442 pixel Platinum Scilicide Schottky Barrier CCD thermal detector that produces up to a stunning 270,000 pixel resolution. This FPA technology represents one of the highest resolution arrays currently available and produces amazing full color thermal images and video. The camera is designed and assembled to the high standards of Nikon imaging company. You will be impressed with the performance of this system.

Nikon Radiometric Camera Applications:

The Nikon radiometric camera offers several user selectable image color palettes to aid in your analysis. The Grey-Scale palette is often used for maximum image recognition and background detail. You can clearly see in this image the traces on the board that are cool as well as the hot components of interest.

Nikon radiometric camera grey scale
greyscale palette

Sample images from the Nikon radiometric camera. Notice the crisp difference when the palette is changed to grey scale. The Nikon radiometric camera makes it easier to switch between modes with the press of a button.

Pentium chip analysis
chip analysis

medical vascular thermography
vascular thermography

heat sink analysis
heat sink analysis

thermal laptop scan
thermal laptop scan

Nikon Radiometric Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector 270,000 pixel PtSi Schottkey Barrier IR CCD
Spectral range 3-5 ┬Ám
Lens 21 mm f/1.2
FOV 19.4° x 14.5°
Video output NTSC
Pixels 475 x 442 (effective), 537 x 505 (total)
Frame rate 30 Hz (1/60 second)
Focus distance 50cm to infinity
Power 12 VDC
Image storage PCMCIA
Dimensions 3.9" x 4.7" x 8.5"
Weight 5.5 lbs