NVWS-570 Night Vision Weapon Sight

NVWS-570 Night Vision Weapon Sight

  •  generation 3 intensifier night vision tube
  •  Side wheel adjustable focus
  •  4x zoom objective lens
  •  Easy integrated controls
  •  Adjustable red on green MILdot reticle

The NVWS is a versatile night vision weapon sight. Featuring Generation 3 night vision tube technology, the NVWS is packed with the user friendly features that work for you under adverse conditions. A simple side mounted cam system controls the focus; that's it. The reticle is illuminated for easy target acquisition, and the reticle brightness is fully adjustable to suit the ambient conditions you are facing. Soft rubber eyecup with adjustable eyepiece to account for a variety of eyesight conditions. Adjustments for windage and elevation are easy to dial in. This night vision weapon sight comes with integrated rubber daylight lens cap.

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About the NVWS-570 Night Vision Weapon Sight

The NVWS-570 is a best-selling intensified night vision weapon sight featuring state of the art generation 3 tube technology. With growing hostilities throughout the world, The US warfighter needs the cover of night to complete crucial mission as directed by military commanders. The NVWS-570 night vision weapon sight offers superior night vision target acquisition with super fast coated military optics, crystal clear generation Three I2 image intensification technology and battle proven MilDot reticle, the lightweight NVWS-570 is a must for reliable night-time weapon sighting.

The internal windage and elevation sighting mechanism offers steady shot accuracy with no sighting loss for short & long ranges.

NVWS-570 night vision weapon sight reticle

NVWS-570 Night Vision Weapon Sight Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Generation 3 or 3+
Resolution 64 lp/mm Min
Magnification 4x
Water resistance Waterproof
Housing Sealed & purged
Detection range 1312 Ft. / 400M
Recognition range 1066 Ft. / 325M
Reticle Mil-Dot (illuminated red-on-green)
Battery type/life Standard 3v lithium/30 hours continuous
Dimensions 9" x 3.4" x 3"
Weight 32 oz