Topaz Multi Sensor Thermal Gimbal

Topaz Multi Sensor Thermal Gimbal

  •  High resolution, real time thermal imaging
  •  Integrated CCTV camera
  •  Long range zoom capability
  •  Black or white hot polarity
  •  Black & white and full color thermal imaging
  •  Continuous 360° pan

The Topaz multi sensor thermal gimbal infrared camera has been replaced by the newer, more versatile M1D PTZ FLIR camera from SPI Corp. The M1D can be mounted on vehicles, vessels, UAV/UAS drones, planes or anything you can think of. It has magnetic and hard mounts for ease of mobility or permanent mounting. The M1D comes in a myriad of configurations, has an integrated laser pointer and CCTV daylight camera to provide 24/7 imaging capability.

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About the Topaz Multi Sensor Thermal Gimbal

The Topaz multi sensor thermal gimbal infrared camera is an affordable state of the art stabilized imaging system that is suited for a wide array of applications from high demanding military missions to commercial and broadcast video shoots. The Topaz incorporates rock steady stabilization along with the highest resolution CCD TV cameras along with thermal infrared imaging technology. Additional sensors can be incorporated into the TOPAZ platform.

The Topaz multi sensor thermal gimbal is gyro stabilized & is developed for demanding applications which require ultra compact, high performance imaging gimbal system. The Topaz includes control and video output for one, two or multi sensor payloads controlled via serial digital link with complete user flexibility in the system installation and integration. The Topaz features sealed payload volumes and low friction azimuth and elevation seals designed to withstand the harsh environments associated with airborne and marine applications.

Topaz Multi Sensor Thermal Gimbal Applications:

man with a gun thermal image from the M1D multi sensor thermal gimbal

M1D Multi Sensor Thermal Gimbal Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector FPA microbolometer, 640x480, 320x240, 160x120 available
Zoom 2x, 4x, 8x
Laser Integrated IR laser(DOD only)
Pan/tilt 360° continuous/180°
CCTV Daylight/low light CMOS video camera
Video NYSC & PAL
Controls Keyboard & joystick available
Power requirements 12 VDC
Housing Ruggedized, sealed
Dimensions 6" x 4" x 3.5"
Weight Under 3 lbs

M1D multi sensor thermal gimbal mounted on a UAV