AN/PVS-15 Military Night Vision Goggles

AN/PVS-15 Military Night Vision Goggles

  •  High definition dual tube intensifiers
  •  Milspec optics
  •  1x magnification (3x & 5x available)
  •  Adjustable diopter
  •  Real depth perception for increased situational awareness
  •  Uses standard head mounts

The tactical P15s are robust generation 3+ high resolution dual tube military night vision goggles that can be used as a hands free NVG goggle or a hand held binocular. The system has added features over the AN/PVS-7D NVG and the AN/PVS-14 NVG in which the P15 incorporate 2 (two) US military image intensifier tubes. The dual tube concept allows the user to have improved real - time DEPTH PERCEPTION when walking, driving or in marine / tactical operations. The P15 military night vision goggles define the ultimate in situational awareness.

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About the AN/PVS-15 Military Night Vision Goggles

The tactical P15 military night vision goggles are brand new dual tube night vision goggles offering outstanding depth perception and supportability at an affordable price. The P15 utilizes MIL SPEC optics. It also uses head and helmet mounting options from the AN/PVS-7B/D, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-7A/C, AN/PVS-15 and AN/PVS-18. Switching from one mounting system to another can be accomplished by the end user within minutes. Power for the P15 is supplied via one AA battery or 1 each 3v Lithium (extended operations). The P15 also uses standard AN/PVS-7B/D and PVS-14 parts and accessories for simplified in-the-field supportability. These parts include demist shields, sacrificial windows, LIFs, lens caps, eyecups, neckcord, soft case, head or helmet mount, IR spot/flood lens, 3X magnifiers & compass assembly.

AN/PVS-15 Military Night Vision Goggles Come With:

AN/PVS-15 Military Night Vision Goggles Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Optics US TWIN HIGH GAIN gen 3A+ 64-72 lp/mm intensifier tubes
Magnification 1x
Minimum focus 25 cm
FOV 40°
Diopter adjustment +2 to -6
Eye relief 25 mm
Interpupillary adjustment range 52 to 80 mm
Helmet mount vertical adjustment range 16 mm
Battery/life AA lithium/>35 hours at 23°C

special forces clearing a building

tank firing missile

Navy SEALs

aircraft carrier