LWTS/ANPAS13g military thermal scope

LWTS Military Thermal Scope

  •  640x480 resolution
  •  Real time video out
  •  1x-15x zoom capability
  •  Integrated shutter
  •  Selectable field of view
  •  4 ballistic weapon reticles

The LTWS is the AN/PAS 13g military thermal scope used by our Armed Forces and can be used handheld, as a dedicated thermal scope or as a clip on scope to use in conjunction with day optics for up to 15x zoom capability. This rugged thermal scope has military housing and can withstand the rigors of strenuous combat operations. The power of this thermal scope can cut through fog, rain, foliage and other various conditions making it one of the most sought after tools for the modern warfighter.

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About the LWTS Military Thermal Scope

The LWTS provides high definition, reliable thermal imaging for maximum situational awareness in any situation. It can also operate for long hours on end with a single battery load, making it perfect for long surveillance missions. The unit has a real time video out port and SPI Corp proudly manufactures the hard to find video out cable. This military thermal scope is easily field maintainable and provides the most crisp thermal imaging around for short, medium or long range surveillance and shooting.

Transforms any day scope into a powerful long range night vision thermal imager easily with its clip on feature.

LWTS Military Thermal Scope Applications:

Check out the crispness of the thermal video showing how easily you can navigate through its options.

Click HERE to see more video for the LWTS in action!

LWTS Military Thermal Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Uncooled FPA 17μm microbolometer
Resolution 640x480 LWIR at 17μm
Batteries (4) AA
Battery Life 10 + hours
Reticles 4 ballistic reticles
Field of view selectable
Housing Military grade
Magnification 1x to 15x with day optics
Dimensions 6” X 3” X 3”
Weight 1.8 lbs

LWTS military thermal scope with video out cable