LRTS long range handheld thermal imager

LRTS Long Range Handheld Thermal Imager

  •  ULTRA sensitive 384x288 FLIR core
  •  60hz frame rate
  •  HUGE 75mm long range Germanium lens
  •  18x zoom
  •  Auto & manual gain adjustment
  •  Internal SD card for video & image storage
  •  110,592 pixel resolution

The LRTS is the REAL DEAL when it comes to serious long range thermal surveillance. You'll never miss a target with its gigantic 75mm lens or the high sensitivity FLIR core that gives you 30% more resolution than standard long range thermal scopes on the market. (Most common cores have a 320x240 resolution giving you 76,000 pixel images. The LRTS has a 384x288 core, providing stunning 110,592 pixel images).

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About the LRTS Long Range Handheld Thermal Imager

Another of the LRTS' main features other scopes don't have is the auto & manual gain adjustment. Auto adjustment is fine in most cases, but what about when there is too much sky washing out your image? That's where the manual gain adjustment comes into play. With this feature you have FULL CONTROL over your image and can adjust the display to suit any situation perfectly so you will always get crisp and clean thermal surveillance footage.

If that's not impressive enough, the LRTS long range handheld thermal imager has an amazing 18x zoom capability for the ultimate in thermal surveillance and situational awareness. You'll be able to conduct surveillance missions at a father distance away than if you were using the most common thermal imagers on the market today, keeping you safe out of harm's way and most importantly, undetected.

The LRTS also features internal thermal image and video storage (on the SD card) and also has a video out port. The high resolution & 60hz real time frame rate ensures crisp, clear thermal footage, day or night. No more choppy video or blurry images. With the LRTS you can be sure you'll get the most comprehensive thermal evidence there is and always get the bad guys.

LRTS Long Range Handheld Thermal Imager Applications:

Watch the video and see for yourself just how amazing this long range handheld thermal imager is.

LRTS Long Range Handheld Thermal Imager Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector High sensitivity 384x288 microbolometer
Resolution 110,592 pixel images
Lens 75mm Germanium
Gain Automatic & manual
Video & image storage SD card, video out
Zoom 18x
Frame rate 60hz
Display OLED
Video & USB cable included
Power Batteries (4 Li Ion), vehicle & AC adapter

The LRTS Long Range Handheld Thermal Imager kit includes:

LRTS long range handheld thermal imager kit