MX Long Wave Infrared Cameras

MX Long Wave Infrared Cameras

  •  Real time LWIR thermal imaging
  •  320 x 240 high resolution infrared imaging
  •  50 mm & 75 mm models
  •  Rugged, sealed MilSpec housing
  •  Tripod interface

The MX series of long wave infrared cameras offers unique advantages in a compact all solution package. The system utilizes its exterior case as an environmentally sealed housing, eliminating the need for additional enclosures. The system aMXo has a built in front element defroster, which is automatically controlled. SPI will no longer be carrying these, however, we've replaced the line with our best-selling long wave infrared cameras such as the M5 and M7 surveillance camera lines with built in wiper systems and full pan tilt zoom ability.

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About the MX Long Wave Infrared Cameras

The proven proprietary all germanium optical system of these long wave infrared cameras is designed to allow the uncooled sensor to operate at its maximum capability. The optical front element is protected with a diamond-like hard carbon coating designed for use in the harshest of environments, while the interior elements are coated with extremely high efficiency coatings increasing the overall transmission performance.

The user friendly plug and play camera operation turns on with a working thermal picture, the first time and every time without user intervention. Our RS232 remote control capability permits ease of integration into any client-based system. These long wave infrared cameras are designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility assuring consistent and reliable performance, 24/7.

MX Long Wave Infrared Cameras Applications:

configuration diagram 1 for the long wave infrared cameras
configuration diagram 2 for the long wave infrared cameras

MX Long Wave Infrared Cameras Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector 320 x 240 Vox FPA 3Uncooled Microbolometer Technology
Spectral range 7-14 ┬Ám
Lens Coated Germanium
FOV MX-50 18.4° x 14.0°, MX-75 12.5° x 9.4°s
Video output CCIR601 NTSC or PAL-M
Interface RS-232 or RS-422
Frame rate 60 Hz STD
Power requirements 4-12V DC < 5 watts typical @ Steady State, 25°C
Optics #=Motorized Remote Focus Optical System F-Number f/1
Environmental Unit is sealed and backfilled with dry nitrogen. Fully qualified to MIL-STD0-810e, Front Element Defroster
Weight MX-50 < 4.3 pounds, MX-75 < 4.5 pounds