1000X Long Range FLIR Imager

1000X Long Range FLIR Imager

  •  SWIR long range thermal imaging
  •  High resolution surveillance images
  •  Human detection at 8 km - 20 km
  •  Automatic gain/control
  •  Several color & black & white imaging palettes
  •  Spot temperature measurement

When you need the ultimate long range thermal infrared imaging camera, the Fusion 1000X long range FLIR imager will perform the task effortlessly. Offering super sensitive image resolution and unsurpassed vehicle and human detection in excess of 20 kilometers, The 1000X is a military sealed unit which can't be beat! The long range FLIR imager system is equipped with a front element defroster and the diamond-like coated Germanium lens offers superb thermal surveillance footage for maximum situational awareness in the battlefield on combat operations or at home for border patrol & law enforcement operations.

SPI Corp has replaced these models withe the new M1D, M5 and M7 long range full pan tilt zoom infrared imaging systems that offer considerable tactical advantages.

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About the 1000X Long Range FLIR Imager

SPI Corp is proud to introduce the M1D, M5 and M7 long range FLIR imager systems that offer increased resolution, day CCTV capabilities and full PTZ operability. Each are housed in sealed, weatherized housing and have features such as laser pointers, integrated day cameras for increased zoom and are available in a wide array of configurations. Please visit the SPI Corp site for more.

1000X Long Range FLIR Imager Applications:

Intuitive Windows® style menus make using the 1000X long range FLIR imager a snap. It's only a one button auto image acquisition & correction, and there are 4 buttons total to make controls simple. The system features highly accurate temperature measurement modes in full color and black and white, including reverse polarity. Auto image adjustment makes spot temperature measurement (minimum & maximum scale in F or C), and the digital image recall & storage features keep what's important in focus.

long range FLIR imager surveillance image of a man in black hot

1000X Long Range FLIR Imager Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector 320 X 256 InSb FPA 30 µm Pitch
Spectral range SWIR 3-5 µm
Focal length 500/1000 mm
FOV .55° x .41° (NFOV), 1.10° x .83° (WFOV)
Lens Coated Germanium with anti-reflection carbon
Controls Remote, RS-232 or RS-422 suite
Gain control Automatic
Palettes/polarity Greyscale, full color palettes& reverse polarity
Housing Environmentally sealed, front defroster
Dimensions 28" (length) x 12" (diameter)
Weight ~ 42 lbs

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