PD300 Infrared Imaging System

PD300 Infrared Imaging System

  •  High sensitivity SWIR thermal imaging
  •  Real time thermal imaging refresh rate
  •  Perfect for radiometric microscopy
  •  User selectable color & monochrome palettes
  •  Vivid color palettes
  •  Detailed object measurement up to 155° C

The PD300 was one of the finest SWIR radiometric microscopy cameras ever made. Though they are no longer in production, there are a precious handful of them left, and we are lucky enough to get them from time to time. The system features super accurate temperature measurement, vivid color paletes and digital image storage, making this unit a truly well rounded package.

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About the PD300 Infrared Imaging System

This state of the art infrared imaging system is an extremely effective tool when detailed imagery and temperature measurement are required, making it a valuable predictive maintenance tool. The system also offers a unique selection of high power optics for detailed thermal analysis of small objects and can perform detailed analysis of your components.

PD300 Infrared Imaging System Applications:

These are thermal scans from the PD300 infrared imaging system of a 10 cent US coin. The top image is with the standard MicroScopeIR lens in gold color palette, the bottom photo is shown with the microscope optic and the digital zoom function of the PD300 in grey-red color palette. Take a dime out of your pocket to get a feel for how small these words really are!

Radiometric microscopy with the PD300 infrared imaging system

PD300 Infrared Imaging System Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Focal plane array infrared camera
Spectral range 3.6-5 µm
Temperature measurement range -10° to 450°C (standard), up to +1500° C (optional)
FOV 17%deg; x 13° with 25mm standard lens
IFOV 1.0 mrad
Minimum discernible temperature < 0.1°C @ 30°C
Frame rate 60 Hz (50 Hz for Pal)
Color palettes Color or monochrome, user selectable (256 or 16)
Display Color LCD viewfinder -DS / B&W - SP
Dimensions 8.75" x 5" x 5.5"
Weight 6.5 lbs

a closeup of a penny with the PD300 infrared imaging system

This is another close focus image of a coin that illustrates the microscopic ability of the PD300 system. We can perform detailed analysis of your components or provide you with a package to do the analysis in house at your facility. Take a penny out of your pocket and look at the back side. This is a close up image of honest abe (which you can barely see) and the steps leading to abe (which are virtually invisible to the naked eye).