T7 Infrared Goggles

T7 Infrared Goggles

  •  High resolution thermal imaging
  •  High quality Germanium optics
  •  Automatic image adjustment
  •  Easy switch white hot/black hot polarity knob
  •  NTSC video out
  •  3x slip on long range lens available

The T7 infrared goggles are state of the art thermal binoculars. Meeting DOD specs and battlefield applications, the T7 is a housed PVS-7 thermal goggle. These thermal goggles offer a huge advantage over night vision goggles because they can operate in daytime and in low or NO light conditions. Starlight night vision can't compete with the abilities of the T7 infrared goggles. The T7 infrared goggles can be used as a hands free system. The T7 attaches to the standard US military AN/PVS7 and AN/PVS14 helmet mounts or head mounts. The system can also be used a a compact thermal infrared binocular viewer.

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About the T7 Infrared Goggles

Military and Law Enforcement agencies that already have PVS-7 Intensified can trade them in to SPI for upgrade to the new IR/TG-7 infrared goggles. Contact us today for more information on this exciting trade in program.

Price and performance wise, the IR/TG7 infrared goggles offer our highest performing system at a low price. These systems are self contained thermal units that only require 2 AA batteries to function. It uses the proven PVS-7 housing assembly, head-helmet mounts and other accessories common to the AN/PVS-7D night vision goggle. These infrared goggles provide a bright, clear picture of your surroundings unaffected by lights or shadows that will render image intensified night vision useless. Camouflage will not even help against the sensitivity of these units. Made using the latest in DSP technology, and using ultra lightweight materials, these goggles are small and comfortable. The only way to keep your edge, whether it be the battlefield or the streets, is to have the best equipment.

T7 Infrared Goggles Applications:

a black hot image through the T7 infrared goggles

T7 Infrared Goggles Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Uncooled amorphous silicon microbolometer
Spectral range 7-14 ┬Ám
Lens 8.5mm wide (optional) / 25mm narrow (standard)
FOV 50° x 35°/17° x 12°
Video output NTSC composite (RS-170/SMPTE-170)
Resolution 320x240 with 2D interpolation
Thermal sensitivity < 100mK
Polarity White hot or black hot
Power (2) AA standard alkaline batteries or (1) BA5567/U
Dimensions 16 cm x 15.5 cm x 10.25 cm
Weight 700 g

Lake Mead as seen with infrared goggles

People on a houseboat as seen with infrared goggles