The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals.
The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.


Superior radiometric Digital Thermal Video System for professional IR Infrared Imaging.

IR950 Pro Digital Radiometric Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera System

Kiln and refractory breakdown infrared thermal imaging

The IR950 Pro Digital Uncooled Thermo graphic Thermal Video system is designed to meet your most demanding preventative maintenance, scientific and condition monitoring application needs.

The IR950 Pro is a full featured professional Thermal imaging system which includes LCD screen, Eyepiece, high resolution thermal sensor and CCTV live visual camera.

Highly Refined IR Thermography Camera IR950 Pro

Rugged and durable

User- friendly controls, extremely light weight and ease for carry enable maintenance professionals to use the camera several hours a day. Withstanding shock and vibration and carrying the IP 54 industrial rating, it is suitable for inspection in harsh environment.

Intuitive user interface & easy operation

Three direct access buttons, a joystick and a Windows style menu, easily trigger all the functions and allow point-and-shoot operation.

Efficient thermal and visual imaging

With a thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C, the camera detects and captures extremely small temperature differences in high-resolution, noise-free 16-bit thermal images. Sharp digital visual images provided by the built-in visual camera enhance the efficiency more.

Precise reliable temperature measurement

Auto indication of hot spot and the image center. One cursor automatically indicates the position and temperature of the hottest spot within the image. Another cursor stays at the image center forever to show its temperature and provides a reference for inspection analysis.

Audible and visible alarms

Audio alarm will automatically trigger for a spot with temperature exceeding the value preset by an operator. For power insufficiency, both audio and video alarm will produce.

Multiple measurement modes

Simultaneous four- spot & four- area analysis, line profile, isotherm analysis and electronic zoom function expedite comprehensive probe for and pinpointing of potential problems.


The IR950 PRO Kit Includes the C2C Digital PC interface module, which allows the user to directly
connect the IR camera to a PC/Laptop via USB for real-time or snapshot image capture.
Store thermal videos or still imagery & temperature data directly to hard drive.

Outdoor liquid tank level non invasive survey

Electronics manufacturing infrared thermal profiling

IR locator & interfaces

The integrated laser locator helps operators accurately associate a hot spot shown in the thermal image with the real physical target. RS232 series communications enables remote control of the camera. A 1/4” mount is located under the camera for use with a tripod.

Auto memory of customized setting & Easy recover of default setting

Your preferred camera settings will remain after re-switching on. Pressing only one button will resume all the default settings of the camera if needed.

circuit board thermal infrared scan 27836928


Large capacity radiometric image storage

256MB compact flash memory card stores fully radiometric images together with temperature measurement and voice annotation. Images can be easily and rapidly downloaded from camera to PC.

Live video transmission

Transfer live video output via wireless transmission up to 750m to a remote monitor, enables you to share your real-time findings with colleagues for further discussion.

Professional inspection and reporting software

Offering extensive range of temperature measuring, image processing and report generating functions, the easy-to-operate Windows- based software highly automates the process of reporting and archiving infrared images, improving professional thermographers’ productivity and efficiency.


human detection flir imaging system
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