Firefighting Thermal Imager

Firefighting Thermal Imager

  •  Etremely sensitive BST thermal core
  •  LCD display with glare guard
  •  Detection anywhere between 2 and 600 feet
  •  Fire resistant housing
  •  NTSC video out
  •  56° HFOV Germanium lens

All Scott products have an unsurpassed record of reliable performance and rugged dependability. Scott's Eagle firefighting thermal imager contains such advanced technology its sensor can detect temperature differences to one-tenth of a degree, permitting clearer, sharper images. Hot spots and victims can be detected as close as two feet away and up to 600 feet away. It's simple to operate since it was designed for gloved-hands, and it is built in the same tradition of rugged, worry-free reliability found in all Scott products. The Eagle firefighting thermal imager is ideal for firefighting, search & rescue, and HAZMAT operations. This thermal camera is capable of detecting very minute temperature differences, thus enabling firefighters to "see" victims through thick smoke and darkness.

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About the Firefighting Thermal Imager

The innovative design of the Scott Eagle firefighting thermal imager allows you to maximize your investment in thermal imaging technology. The unique rear mounted swivel LCD allows for simple field adjustment to attain the most comfortable viewing position. By not having the unit mounted to your helmet you can easily pass the unit to your partner or exit the structure in an expedient manner. With the swivel LCD design you can search high and low in comfort and safety.

Simple large push button controls make the Eagle firefighting thermal imager simple to use in the toughest conditions. The last thing you need is to be searching for buttons or fiddling with complex control menus when the heat is on. The Eagle imager is designed for real world use and gives you all the features you need. The Eagle features ergonomic controls that are designed to be used with protective gear. The front knob controls the internal image iris. This feature allows you to view a wide range of temperature scenes and focus on the targets of most interest. This way you can examine the seat of the fire or find a human in any conditions. Simple video output and AC power adapter jacks are discretely located on the front of the machine.

Firefighting Thermal Imager Applications:

white hot thermal image of a man

Firefighting Thermal Imager Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector 320x240 BST uncooled thermal sensor
Optics/FOV 56° HFOV Germanium lens
Video output RS-170 NTSC
Video display External Swivel mount LCD with silicone rubber glare guard
Housing Fire resistant (glass & mineral filled nylon), passes industry recognized heat/flame testing
Core temp safety LED readout alerts user to internal temperature over 160° F
Environmental IPX7 -40°: to +70° C 1 meter submersion at room temperature

Eagle firefighting thermal imager buttons

Eagle firefighting thermal imager
firefighting thermal imager

Eagle firefighting thermal imager front view