Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope

Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope

  •  Video output for DVR
  •  Adjustable diopter
  •  1.8x zoom capability
  •  White or black hot polarity
  •  Athermalized f/1.0 lens
  •  6.4° x 8.6° FOV

The Specter-IR was the first affordable digital thermal scope designed specifically for military, homeland security, police and security professionals. The SpecterIR uses heat imaging technology previously only available for military applications and offers true "see in-the-dark" infrared capability. Intended for hand-held or weapon mounted use, this simple-to-operate passive digital thermal scope can see what the human eye cannot. Darkness, rain, fog, dust and smoke are rendered completely transparent to the SpecterIR.

The Specter IR is now out of production, but we have several modern alternatives with better features available. Check out the T14x, x25 and LWTS digital thermal scope product pages for system specifications.

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About the Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope

The Specter IR digital thermal scope provides easy single button operation and automatic image adjustment so that you can concentrate on target acquisition rather than sight adjustment.

The Specter IR digital thermal scope utilizes the universal ELCAN mount that uses the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail (standard weaver with cross-slots) providing compatibility to a wide range of weapons such as the AR15, M4, M16, HK53, MP5 and others. The clear image of the Specter IR allows you to identify, target, track and eliminate (when authorized) hostile targets in a wide variety of adverse conditions, providing exceptional situational awareness.

The unit also features a video output port for an external CRT or video recorder. This makes the Specter IR ideal for extended threat detection missions, surveillance or for real-time instruction. By evaluating the video output from real world missions your team can learn to be more combat effective when conducting AAR.

Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope Applications:

Check out our demo video of the Specter IR digital thermal scope.

Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
NEDT < 0.1° C
FOV 6.4° x 8.6°
Magnification 1.8x
Eye correction Adjustable diopter
Video output Monochrome SMPTE-170M
Gain/level Automatic
Power (3) lithium ion AA batteries
Continuous operation 6 hours at 25°: C
Polarity Black or white hot
Dimensions 3.25" x 3.0" x 3.8"
Weight Under 3lbs with batteries
Housing Rugged, water & shock resistant

Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope mounted on an M4
Specter IR Digital Thermal Scope at the rifle range