COTS Clip On Thermal Scope

COTS Clip On Thermal Scope

  •  Real time thermal imaging
  •  Human detection 700 m +
  •  1x & 2x zoom
  •  Black or white hot polarity modes
  •  320x240 display
  •  Waterproof

The COTS clip on thermal scope is an advanced weapon sight which can be used as a standalone thermal viewer, a standalone thermal weapon sight and a clip on thermal scope. The COTS is a battery operated, un-cooled, thermal imaging device which amplifies available thermal signatures so that the viewed scene becomes clearly visible to the operator. The COTS is used to locate and engage targets during daylight, and from low light to total darkness. It operates in adverse conditions such as light rain, light snow, and dry smoke. It provides a thermal signature while being passive so it cannot can be detected by the enemy. The scope can be mounted to weapons equipped with a MIL-STD-1913 rail. It may be used in conjunction with other optical and red dot sights and is a ruggedized system designed for operation in combat environments.

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About the COTS Clip On Thermal Scope Operation

The COTS clip on thermal scope reticle intensity feature allows the operator to adjust the reticle from white all the way through the gray scale to black. During adjustment, a scale is shown on the right of the screen. Use UP to move towards white and DOWN to move towards black. The unit may be manually placed in an auto intensity mode by repeatedly pressing the UP button until the status bar is at the extreme upper (WHITE) end of scale, and the word AUTO appears. The thermal scope reticle will continuously choose the color which contrasts the background at that time. Internal Digital Thermal Sight (IDTS) Reticle position, AZ (azimuth) and EL (elevation) are displayed in the lower left corner of the display. The numbers represent movement of the reticle to coincide with the number of presses on the arrow keys. Pressing both up and down arrows or left and right arrows simultaneously bring the reticle to zero azimuth and elevation when not in the menu mode.

COTS Clip On Thermal Scope Applications:

The COTS clip on thermal scope is made specifically with the military operator in mind. It is completely combat ready, and attaches to your rifle in a matter of seconds, ensuring optimal situational awareness. The unit is also waterproof in saltwater for up to 66' making it a truly versatile thermal imaging scope for any mission, in any conditions, in any weather.

The COTS clip on thermal scope is an advances weapon sight, but that doesn't mean it's hard to use. It's quite the opposite. It has big, tactile buttons that are easy to press when wearing gloves and an easily navigable onscreen menu. It takes standard CR123 lithium batteries and has an external DC power plug, so you won't have issues finding a way to get juice.

COTS clip on thermal scope kit

COTS Clip On Thermal Scope Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector 320x240 FPA uncooled microbolometer
Refresh rate Real time
Zoom 1x & 2x
FOV 12°
Lens High quality Germanium
Continuous operation 8+ hours
Polarity Black/white hot
Power supply CR123 batteries (4) or 9-28v EDC plug
Waterproof Up to 66 feet in saltwater
Dimensions 6.9" x 2.7" x
Weight 1.38 lb (without mount)