The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals.
The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.

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Superior radiometric Digital Thermal Video System for professional IR Infrared Imaging.

T710 Digital Radiometric Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera System

The T710 Digital Uncooled Thermographic Thermal Video system is designed to meet your most demanding preventative maintenance, scientific and condition monitoring application needs.

T710 Digital Infrared Camera Advantages:

View objects and decipher fine details from difficult viewing angles with the high-resolution, bright swivel LCD display
Detect temperature differences as small as .08 °C
Navigate through logical, onscreen icon menus
Reduce operator fatigue with compact, lightweight design
Operate portable camera for multiple hours using four
rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Collect and transfer up to 175 voice-annotated images on 32 MB CompactFlash™ memory card
Analyze images and generate reports using the comprehensive software package

circuit board thermal infrared scan 27836928


The camera’s high resolution, state-of-the-art 320 x 240 microbolometer focal plane array - combined with the integrated 3.8 inch color LCD display - gives users the highest quality infrared images with unparalleled ease of use.

Outdoor liquid tank level non invasive survey

The microbolometer sensor requires no cryogenic cooling or mechanical scanning parts, thus reducing maintenance costs and providing a “time to image” of less than 30 seconds. Real-time image analysis tools include: 10 spot meters, isotherm and line profile tools, multiple color and grayscale palettes, and a status area which displays current object parameters for emissivity and background temperature. A selection of interchangeable optics is available for various applications or environments.

Substation IR survey H9128


T710 Camera Solutions


The TVS-700 is designed for optimum performance and reliable operation in all industrial and predictive / preventative maintenance situations. The system has a plethora of user selectable features which are ideal for scientific, R&D and military applications.

The camera’s high resolution, state-of-the-art uncooled microbolometer focal plane array – combined with the integrated 3.8-inch flip-out LCD display – gives you the highest quality IR images with unparalleled ease of use.

electrical thermography IR image
Combine this camera with High performance IR software for the ultimate PPM solution. The Included software is an intuitive, easy to use Windows™ program for viewing and analyzing thermal images loaded from saved files. A variety of tools are included for temperature measurement and image analysis.

facility infrared image of pipe network



Camera Specifications
Detector Uncooled Microbolometer
Wavelength Range 8 - 14 microns
NETD 0.08 °C typical
Measurement Accuracy ± 2 °C or 2% typical
Sensor Resolution 320 (H) x 240 (V)
Measurement Range -20 to 500 °C (extended temp: -20 to 2000 °C)
Display Range Adjustments Continuous auto; direct access auto; individual high and low temperature display adjust
Field of View 35 mm lens: 26.2° H x 19.6° V, 105 mm lens: 8.7° H x 6.5° V
IFOV 35 mm lens: 1.4 mrad, 105 mm lens: 0.5 mrad
Display Type 3.8 inch color LCD display; Rotation from vertical 70° clockwise, 45° counterclockwise
Emissivity Range 0.10 to 1.00
Background Temperature Auto input from camera sensor or manual set
Frame Rate 60 Hz, real-time
Operating Temperature -10 to 45 °C
Batteries Lithium ion battery
Battery Life 1 hr. typical with rechargeable (depends on environment)
Video Output NTSC and PAL, switchable in software
Focusing Method Manual focus
Image Formats *.iri, *.tif and *.bmp
Sound Format *.wav
Other Format *.log, text file of interval spot meter values
Display Direct Access Functions Auto range; Change color lookup table; Spot meter movement; Freeze frame enable/disable; Enable/disable profile; Enable/disable isotherm; Save image/voice; Change low/high temp values; 2x and 4x scrolling zoom; Enable/disable RS-232 port; Auto-calibrate camera
Image and Spot Meter Intervals Image: 15 sec. to 24 hr. interval (both *.tif and *.iri) Spot: 1 sec. to 24 hr. interval
Interval Measurements Image: 50 images; Spot: 100,000 points
Image Storage Media CompactFlash™ PC cards
Number of Images Stored 175 images with voice per 32 MB card; up to 48 MB cards supported
Camera Size 5.4 in. W x 7.3 in. D x 4.5 in. H; (137 mm W x 185 mm D x 114 mm H)
Camera Weight 4 lbs. (1.8 kg), including lens and battery
Camera Mount .25 in. x 20 tripod mount on bottom of camera

human detection flir imaging system
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