IR400 Radiometric Camera

IR400 Radiometric Camera

  •  High accuracy real time temperature measurement
  •  High definition thermal imaging
  •  Macro focus mode
  •  White & black hot polarity
  •  Multiple color palettes
  •  SWIR lens

The IR400 radiometric camera series thermal imaging systems are known far and wide as the "workhorse of the industry". These robust imagers provide you with real time thermal video, accurate temperature measurement, on-board color palettes and digital image storage. Though these radiometric cameras are no longer in production, we often have demo / pre-owned models in stock.

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About the IR400 Radiometric Camera

The rugged IR400 radiometric camera can be used for a whole range of applications in many different industries. This portable unit offers high sensitivity and ease of use. The IR400 is built to operate in demanding environments, such as offshore applications and steelworks. This splash proof, bump and vibration protected system can be operated even in areas where electromagnetic fields are present, for example, close to induction furnaces, making it a highly valuable tool for industrial applications.

If you're looking for a low cost, portable thermal imaging system to carry out your condition monitoring surveys or R & D applications, The IR 400 radiometric camera is a perfect choice. Built for field use and with a proven track record within the condition monitoring market, these are among the most reliable and most accurate cameras you will come across in the infrared business.

IR400 Radiometric Camera Applications:

The IR400 radiometric camera is truly one of the best designed thermal infrared imaging thermography systems available. All camera controls are mounted in plain sight on the side of the unit making it highly convenient to use for your research & development.

A home energy audit with the IR400 radiometric camera

IR400 Radiometric Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector MCT Sprite
Spectral range 2-5 ┬Ám
Lens SWIR Germanium
FOV 20°
Video output RCA RS-170
Macro focus Integrated, 13mm x 13mm area fills frame
External display Color, high resolution TFT active matrix
Polarity Black or white hot
Color Palettes B&W, iron bow, rain-900, rainbow, inverted iron

IR400 radiometric camera macro focus feature

These images show off the unique Macro Focus mode of the IR400 series radiometric camera. By using the Macro mode you can focus in on an area 13mm x 13mm and fill the frame with stunning thermal imagery. Note that the target chip in the image is the size of a fingernail. This is a feature that is not available in any other thermal imaging system and adds to the flexibility and value of the IR400 series thermal-vision cameras.

The IR400 radiometric camera comes with various color palettes with black or white hot polarity to further enhance your thermography work.

IR400 radiometric camera color palettes

A home energy audit can save you money in the long run on heating & cooling costs. This thermography can be conducted from the outside and the inside of the home, offering the total perspective to improve poorly insulated areas.

IR400 radiometric camera home energy audit showing missing insulation

Note the lack of insulation

IR400 radiometric camera home energy audit from the outside