Palm IR 250 Thermal Imaging Camera

Palm IR 250 Thermal Imaging Camera

  •  BST thermal sensor for NTSC/PAL video
  •  Standard 75mm Germanium lens (100mm & 150mm optics available)
  •  2x digital zoom
  •  Black/white hot polarity
  •  CRT greyscale eyepiece
  •  Auto/manual control of gain, level, brightness

The discontinued Palm IR 250 is arguably the most reliable thermal imaging camera ever made. But just because they don't make them anymore doesn't mean that we don't carry them! We are the premier authorized dealer for the IR 250 systems for purchase & repair, and we have the last remaining stock of these fantastic infrared cameras at a low price. There are no other modern thermal imaging cameras that can compare to the power and accuracy of the Palm IR 250 thermal imaging camera. Why? It has a high sensitivity BST thermal sensor and they just don't make them like this anymore, folks. The BST thermal sensor is the "gold standard" when it comes to FLIR cores.

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About the Palm IR 250 Thermal Imaging Camera

The BST thermal sensor has a wide dynamic range that is unparallelled by the smaller, uncooled microbolometer sensors that have become popular in the last few years. So much so, you can look directly from an iceberg then into the sun and the sensor will still perform at capacity, something which would fry the senors that they are making today.

thermal image of a deer

Palm IR 250 Thermal Imaging Camera Applications:

Check out the embedded video on this page for a demonstration from SPI Corp.

Click HERE for more information about the Palm IR 250.

Palm IR 250 Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector BST thermal core (320x240)
Spectrum response 7-14μm
Lens 75mm Germanium (25mm, 50mm,100mm & 150mm optional optics available)
FOV 12°h x 9°v FOV (75mm)
Video output NTSC/PAL
Digital zoom 2x
Frame rate 30hz NTSC/ 24hz PAL
Polarity Black & white hot
Display Bright CRT grayscale
Human detection range 2400' (75mm lens)
Power (4) 6VDC rechargeable batteries
Operating time 2 hours+
Dimensions 10” X 5.5” X 4”
Weight (with battery) 4 lbs

Palm IR 250 Thermal Imaging Camera images