IR 235 handheld thermal camera

IR 235 Handheld Thermal Camera

  •  30hz thermal imaging frame rate
  •  37mm Germanium lens
  •  12° x 9° FOV
  •  Black/white hot polarity
  •  Black & white and color thermal imaging palettes
  •  Over 3 hours operation time per battery load

The IR-235 handheld thermal camera was a true work horse of an infrared camera. The model is now discontinued, and replaced by the Palm IR-250. (Though we get refurbished models in from time to time). These handheld thermal cameras feature the BST uncooled thermal sensor which is highly sensitive and has a huge temperature range, making it ideal for variable conditions, from extreme cold to extreme heat. The unit makes operation easy and is fully automated to bring you fast, reliable thermal imaging for security, surveillance or thermography studies.

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About the IR 235 Handheld Thermal Camera

The IR-235 handheld thermal camera features enhanced digital resolution with reduced image noise. The unit is lightweight and compact, making it one of the more advanced & convenient handheld thermal cameras of its time. The standard NTSC video out port allows for streaming your thermal imaging footage via a simple RCA jack to easily document your thermography applications. Optional package includes removable SD card for storage and a USB out cable with a 2" LCD monitor and adjustable eyepiece viewfinder.

The versatile 235 can be used for a variety of applications from energy audit to circuit board analysis. The applications for this new device are limited only by your imagination. Nothing performs the way this system does at this price level offering you the most bang for the buck of any IR system on the market today.

IR 235 Handheld Thermal Camera Applications:

  • Energy audits
  • Mold detection
  • Building studies
  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Search & rescue
  • Facility maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • Roofing surveys

IR-235 handheld thermal camera kit

Benefits of thermal imaging at night

Why Thermal?

The image to the left was taken with a professional level low light CCD camera. The image on the right shows the difference a handheld thermal camera can make at night. Not only can you see the human target (you can't miss that) but notice how much information about the surrounding environment is also visible. This is because all objects emit infrared energy. Our cameras are not heat sensors but rather infrared sensors that image all the infrared energy that is constantly being emitted by all objects day or night.

The classic "Hand on Wall" image shows off the sensitivity of a handheld thermal camera This hand print was left on the wall after only seconds of contact. There is no ink or mark on the wall the effect comes from the transfer of infrared energy from the hand to the wall. This demonstration helps to illustrate the nature of the IR technology. We are seeing IR energy not visible light, and as a result we can gather a great deal of information about our surroundings that is normally invisible to the eye.

Handheld thermal cameras like the 225/235DX package let you see the unseen. You can easily pinpoint areas of heating or cooling loss as well as find valuable information regarding moisture damage and possible mold infestation. The infrared camera is the greatest tool in the energy audit arsenal. It gives you a fast, simple and accurate method of diagnosing building envelope energy audit anomalies.

Is it "BigFoot" strolling along the back nine? No, unfortunately it is just a suspect sneaking around the golf course. This guy heard the patrol, stopped in his tracks and watched. He thought he was hidden under the cover of darkness on this pitch black moon less night. Little did he know that the IR235 handheld thermal camera was in use and his every move was being tracked. The suspect was questioned and released but I don't think he will be prowling around at night any more. This was a great capture for the 225, but we still kind of wish it was old Sasquatch.

Simple and effective electrical inspections can be carried out with the 235DX handheld thermal camera package. It is very easy to see which component is hot!! Grey scale imaging is preferred by most thermographers in the field because it gives you a much clearer image of the scene. You can easily tell what you are looking at in the grey scale image above. The color image below is much harder to decipher. Most of the time color is for the customer and grey scale is for the professional. This is why we created a powerful analysis tool called Fusion IR Color that lets you prepare your high definition grey scale images for presentation to your customers.

IR 235 Handheld Thermal Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Hybrid Uncooled BST
Spectral range 7-14μm
Lens 37mm
FOV 12°x 9°
Video output NTSC or PAL
Startup time < 30 seconds
Frame rate 30hz
Polarity Black & white hot
Mount Tripod mount
Dimensions 7” X 4” X 4”
Weight 2.3 lbs (without battery)

infrared image of a home during an energy audit

A thermal image of an energy audit

energy audit showing heat loss

Thermal image showing heat loss

Black & white thermal image of a Porsche

Black & white thermal image of a Porsche

Color thermal image of a Porsche

Color thermal image of a Porsche