EPM IR Thermal Imager

EPM IR Thermal Imager

  •  Accurate, high temperature measurement
  •  IR reporting software package
  •  Built in auto focus
  •  System status display
  •  High resolution thermal images
  •  Optional long range optics

*This model is no longer in production. Instead, check out SPI Corp's RAZ-IR series of IR thermal imager models. The EPM IR thermal imager state is a state of the art rugged, low cost, high resolution infrared camera, engineered for fast and accurate electrical and mechanical inspections. Competitively priced, this camera delivers high quality thermal imaging, accurate temperature measurements and powerful IR reporting in an extremely lightweight and compact package. Double the performance of low resolution 160 x 120 units, the EPM truly represents a great value in a high performance imaging platform.

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About the EPM IR Thermal Imager

The high thermal sensitivity of the EPM IR thermal imager lets you see problems clearly. The state-of-the-art, fourth generation 320 X 240 uncooled microbolometer FPA detector with built-in auto focus delivers crisp, high-resolution images.

The EPM IR thermal imager weighs 30% less than comparable infrared cameras - just 3.1 lbs (1.4 kg) - while offering double the resolution of low end 160 x 120 detectors. The EPM fits comfortably in your hand for extended operations in the field with minimum operator fatigue. Long-life, lightweight exchangeable Lithium-ion battery assures uninterrupted in-field infrared inspections. Day or night, indoors or outside the EPM delivers reliable accurate performance.

EPM IR Thermal Imager Applications:

View crisp infrared images in the integral high resolution viewfinder, ideal for both outdoor and indoor inspections. Optional optics optimize the infrared camera for almost any application, regardless of target size or distance.

infrared inspection with the EPM IR thermal imager

Energy Audits

The EPM IR thermal imager allows you to download JPEG images stored with full 14-bit pixel values and all relevant measurement data on Flash cards directly to your PC using ThermaCAM Connect Software™ (included) and standard USB or serial cables. Standard composite video and s-video output for higher definition available. The high resolution 320X240 ultra sensitive detector allows you to image the smallest of temperature differences.

Moisture detection

PCB Analysis

The EPM IR thermal imager is designed to grow with your thermal imaging needs and is upgradeable to other advanced thermal imaging systems. This flexibility in operation and a clear path to upgrade allows you to maximize your investment and leverage your existing technology for many years to come.

thermal PCB analysis

EPM IR Thermal Imager Specifications

IR Thermal Imager
Detector High sensitivity uFPA microbolometer
Spectral range 7.5-13 µm
Thermal sensitivity 0.08 °C at 30 °C
FOV 24° x 18°/ 0.3 m
Image output JPEG (NTSC optional)
Image storage Removable flash card (S-video out for NTSC optional)
Display Built in TFT LCD
Dimensions 3.9" x 4.7" x 8.7"
Weight 3.1 lbs

thermal image of cars
automobile heat detection

infrared image of the grand canyon
grand canyon in infrared

thermal home heat loss detection
home energy audit