XP5000 IR Thermal Camera

XP5000 IR Thermal Camera

  •  Real time LWIR thermal imaging
  •  Affordable, fully-integrated thermal measurement solution
  •  Maintenance-free, uncooled microbolometer detector
  •  On screen alarms
  •  Integrated real time professional analysis software
  •  Precision non-contact temperature measurement

The IR XP5000 IR thermal camera series offers an affordable and accurate temperature measurement solution for LWIR research and development, design validation or virtually any product or process monitoring application where fast, reliable and economical thermal evaluation is important. Even security & surveillance is an easy task with this fully integrate-able system. This camera can be used day or night, in the lab, the classroom or even mounted to buildings. The systems also features professional real time reporting & analysis software.

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About the XP5000 IR Thermal Camera

Featuring an ultra-compact, rugged IR imaging camera complete with the latest connectivity interfaces and packaged with professional real-time analysis software, the fully-integrated IRXP-5000 IR thermal camera system provides an immediate, precise visual understanding of thermal performance.

XP5000 IR Thermal Camera Applications:

the IR thermal camera comes with a PC interface & professional analysis software

electronics manufacturing with the IR thermal camera
electronics manufacturing

micro component analysis with the IR thermal camera
micro component analysis

process control monitoring with the IR thermal camera
process control monitoring

thermal process automation with the IR thermal camera
thermal process automation

XP5000 IR Thermal Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector FPA uncooled ASi Microbolometer (384 x 288)
Spectral range 8-14 µm
Thermal sensitivity ≤ 80mk @ f/1, 60Hz, 300K
FOV 17.5° × 13°
Measurement modes Spot, area, isotherm, line profile, auto hot spot, auto alarm
Measurement features Automatic correction based on distance, relative humidity, atmospheric transmission & external optics
Frame rate 60 Hz
Interface RS485 (PELCO D), ethernet 10/100 Base (temp. raw data)
Alarms Low battery warning, user defined max/min temperature rise/fall
Dimensions 4.7" x 2.4" x 1.2"
Weight 9 oz