Coyote IR Laser Illuminator

Coyote IR Laser Illuminator

  •  Has low & high IR pulse settings
  •  Waterproof to 66 feet
  •  Illumination up to 4km & aiming as far as 10 km
  •  Choice of AA or CR123 battery compartments
  •  Made of ruggedized aluminum
  •  Avoid direct exposure to laser beam

The coyote is a rugged compact handheld or weapons mounted IR laser illuminator. The system provides infrared illumination and can also be used as a target designator / aimer / pointer. Used with IR cameras and Night vision equipment, the Coyote offers infrared illumination ranges of up to 4 Km and Infrared pointing/aiming as far as 10 Km.

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About the Coyote IR Laser Illuminator

A pressure sensitive switch is available which assists when mounting to a firearm, standard picatinny weapon mounts w/ARMS #17 throw levers are also available.

Coyote IR Laser Illuminator Features:

Coyote IR Laser Illuminator Specifications

Lens output Low: 45 ±5mW, High: 95 ±5mW, Pulse: 95 ±5mW peak @ 3-4 Hz
Beam divergence 0.26 mrad (.0149°) - 86.6 mrad (4.96°)
Beam location adjustment 1 minute of angle/click (0.3 mrad/click)
Useful range 10 km as a pointer, 4 km as an illuminator
Batteries AA alkaline (2 each)
Construction 6061-T6 anodized aircraft aluminum with stainless steel fasteners & o-ring seals
Length 8.5"
Laser head diameter 1.8"
Battery housing diameter 0.7"
Weight (with batteries) 8 oz
Environment Waterproof to 2 atmospheres (66 feet)
Case Rugged Codura® nylon holster
Optional accessories Mounting brackets, water tight case, beam expander, pressure activation switch

Coyote IR laser illuminator on a .50 cal

Coyote IR laser illuminator beam

Coyote IR laser illuminator as an aimer