FLIR Weapon Sight

FLIR Weapon Sight

  •  Real time thermal imaging
  •  Automatic brightness & contrast
  •  4x fixed & manual focus (depending on model)
  •  White & black hot polarity modes
  •  External LCD display
  •  8.5 or 25mm lens (depending on model)

The TWS/TS20 FLIR weapon sight represents the pinnacle of lightweight compact FLIR imaging sight technology. Weapon sighting and hand held FLIR imaging are made easily with real time imaging with this model. Ideal for military law enforcement and EOD & SAR applications. This FLIR weapon sight is no longer being sold by SPI Corp and has been replaced with the T14x and L3 LWTS thermal scope models, which have considerably better performance and specifications than the previous model.

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About the FLIR Weapon Sight

The affordable FLIR weapon sight is the state of the art in compact thermal imaging viewing / weapon sighting fusion platform. The system is completely weather resistant and incorporates US Military technology. This thermal scope has stealth capabilities which enable the user to view on an LCD screen in total pitch darkness or from the weapon sight to engage the enemy in the absence of all light. Unlike NVG's, bright lights (street or headlights) and moonless sky conditions do not affect the visual output of the SPI thermal scope. Inversely, bright as day visual images are always projected on the users 320x240 display.

This unique FLIR weapon sight has a floating reticule which compensates for any environmental conditions, as well as numeric target temperature measurement for calibrated thermal imaging. The model comes in multiple configurations for diverse applications such as tactical hand held mini thermal imaging viewing or use as a precise thermal weapon scope. Contact SPI today to see what configurations we have that can work for your next mission!

FLIR Weapon Sight Applications:

black hot thermal image

white hot thermal image

A black hot thermal image of a man from the FLIR weapon sight

FLIR Weapon Sight Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector High sensitivity thermal core
Spectral range 7-14 ┬Ám
Lens 8.5mm or 25mm
FOV 50° x 35°/17° x 12°
Video output SMPTE-170
Magnification 4x
Frame rate Real time
Polarity White or black hot
Display 320x240 LCD

FLIR black hot thermal image of a man

black hot thermal image

FLIR white hot image of a man on boat dock

white hot thermal image

black hot thermal image of man on boat

thermal image of a boat

thermal image of an SUV at night

thermal image of an SUV

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