IR5100 FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

IR5100 FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

  •  High resolution thermal detector
  •  Coated infrared optics
  •  Up to 4x zoom
  •  B&W polarity
  •  MPEG & JPEG output
  •  Ultra crisp thermal imaging

The IR 5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera package represents a unique opportunity for our customers to get into a complete thermal imaging package at an incredible value. Unfortunately, supplies are very limited and once they are gone they are gone. This unique system can be used as a scope or sight or an infrared viewer camera, We also have LCD screens and flash memory card image storage (Mpeg and Jpeg) with removable flash cards and USB download cables.

The IR 5000 has multiple color palettes

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About the IR5100 FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal cameras like the IR 5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera let you see the unseen. You can easily pinpoint areas of heating or cooling loss as well as find valuable information regarding moisture damage and possible mold infestation. The infrared camera is the greatest tool in the energy audit arsenal. It gives you a fast, simple and accurate method of diagnosing building envelope energy audit anomolies.

The 5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera is as easy to use as it is powerful. All user functions are controlled from ergonomically positioned buttons on the camera. Multiple functions can be scrolled through at the touch of a button. The professional grade focusable eyepiece and comfort fit adjustable hand strap complete the package.

IR5100 FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Applications:

A man in black hot from the IR 5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera

IR5100 FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector Solid state uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range 3-5 ┬Ám
Lens Coated Germanium infrared
Image freeze Yes
Video output MPEG
Electronic zoom 2x & 4x
Image output JPEG
Video out interface NTSC via BNC
Storage Digital image & video to SD card
Dimensions 3.6" x 5.8" x 6.7"
Weight 4 lbs

IR5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera b&w image
IR5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera color image

Simple and effective electrical inspections can be carried out with the IR5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera. It is very easy to see which component is hot!! Grey scale imaging is preferred by most thermographers in the field because it gives you a much clearer image of the scene. You can easily tell what you are looking at in the grey scale image. The color image is much harder to decipher. Most of the time color is for the customer and grey scale is for the professional. This is why we created a powerful analysis tool called Fusion IR Color that lets you prepare your high definition grey scale images for presentation to your customers.

IR5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera home energy audit

Home energy audit

IR5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera automotive thermography

Automotive thermography

IR5100 FLIR thermal imaging camera roof insulation audit

Roof insulation audit

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