FLIR Radiometric Infrared Camera

FLIR Radiometric Infrared Camera

  •  SWIR Real time thermal imaging
  •  High resolution thermal images & video
  •  2:1 and 4:1 zoom
  •  B& W and 10 color imaging palettes
  •  4"Color LCD display
  •  Temperature, distance & RH correction

The UltraCam FLIR radiometric infrared camera series represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology. Superior image quality, accurate temperature analysis, s-video output and computer interface capabilities are hallmarks of the UltraCam product line. We have limited stock of demo / pre-owned systems available at fantastic savings. The robust UltraCam series is designed for the rigors of industrial inspection use. The system features a shock and vibration resistant housing that will easily take the bangs and bumps of normal field use.

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About the FLIR Radiometric Infrared Camera

The optional rear mounted super bright TFT LCD display allows you to use the UltraCam FLIR radiometric infrared camera series in a variety of orientations. This ergonomic design can greatly increase user comfort and as a result productivity of the thermal camera system will increase.

FLIR Radiometric Infrared Camera Applications:

veterinary thermography with the FLIR radiometric infrared camera

FLIR Radiometric Infrared Camera Specifications

Thermal Imaging
Detector PtSi Platinum Silicide 256x256 FPA
Spectral range 3-5 µm
Focus range 10" to infinity
FOV 16° (standard)
Video output 60HZ: RS-170/NTSC, S-Video 50HZ:CCIR/PAL, S-Video
Image zoom 2:1, 4:1
Temperature measurement -40° to 450° C (Optional to 1500° C)
Accuracy ±2% or 2°C
PC digital storage card 10 MB to 80 MB
Operating temperature -15° to +50°C, IEC 359
Storgae temperature -40° to +70°C, IEC 359
Frame rate 60/50 Hz
Polarity White/black hot, reverse polarity
Display 4" color LCD
Isotherm Variable bandwidth, multi-color
Image format 8 or 12 bit TIFF
Image freeze Yes
Power 6VDC ~ 11W, 2 hr Operation/NiCd or Li-Ion battery
Dimensions 21" x 11.4" x 8.9"
Weight 4.4 lb

FLIR radiometric infrared camera scan of a board component
board components

electric maintenance with the FLIR radiometric infrared camera
electric maintenance

Pentium chip scan with the FLIR radiometric infrared camera
Pentium® scan

closeup of a PCB
PCB scan

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