The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals.
The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.

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TST-X20 Condition monitoring Compact Digital Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera System


The Affordable New Digital multi-function TST-X20 Thermal infrared imaging camera offers state of the art uncooled maintenance free micro-bolometer Thermal IR technology.

The Rugged and compact TST-X20 Thermal imager offers the user instant real-time long wave thermal imagery for quick assessment for a multitude to various applications.

The system is ideal condition monitoring, energy audits, roof infrared surveys, building envelope analysis, PCB development / verification,  and electrical &  mechanical thermal analysis.

TST-X20 Thermal imaging camera shown with lcd screen

Operating on 2 standard batteries, the TST-X20 does not rely on heavy rechargeable batteries. The System is completely sealed against dust and water and is built around machined aircraft aluminum. High sensitivity FPA thermal array and hardened Germanium optics ensure rock solid imaging capabilities.


The TST-X20 offers onboard reverse image polarity switch as well as user defined calibration image optimization featureset
The TST-X20 system has on board real-time TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT features which are displayed via Floating temp-readout meter cross-hair reticle.

The TST-X20 includes Fusion Infrared Color software, as well as reporting and training software bundle.

Optional LCD screen is available.

Thermal image of coffee machine


Ideal For;

  • Energy audits, indoor and outdoor building surveys
  • Condition monitoring / Research and development
  • Structural and core integrity analysis
  • Electrical and Mechanical Inspections
  • Roofing and environmental surveying
  • Circuit board and PCB design and verification
  • Short & Long Range Thermal Infrared Imaging



Sample Thermal Infrared Images

 Laptop image    /    indoor thermal audit image
This image illustrates the sensitivity of the system. You can clearly see the pipe through the foundation and tile floor. The TST-X20 digital infrared camera can be an invaluable tool for diagnosing a variety of buried pipe situations including; radiant heating systems, hot water pipes, steam pipes and other underground elements.

Missing insulation image    /    Electronics thermal profiling

Tank level detection image   /   Overhead Electrical survey image

Circuit board & micro electronics image   /   Thermal sensitivity image

SPI_TH_insp#1014.jpg (12232 bytes)
Moisture within drywall detection image  /  Hot fuse electrical connection image

Outdoor home Thermal Scan Image   /   outdoor electrical image


TST-X20 Infrared Thermal imager shown with removable flip-up flip-down LCD screen
                                  TST-X20 Thermal infrared imaging System                              

The Thermal imager can 'See' through certain materials. Thermal Fusion Color software is included for improved image enhancement.

Screen shot of Thermal Fusion Infrared Software

Standard Included items;

* TST-X20 Thermal Imager with Temperature measurement
* Video output cables
* Fusion Color Infrared Software, Report & Training Software
* Carry & Shipping waterproof Purged HardCase
* Instruction manuals

Maximum flexibility
Wide Dynamic range & hardened coated optics for close-up or long range IR imaging
Accurate and dependable results Reliable Uncooled maintenance free Microbolometer FPA sensor draws little power and achieves superb thermal sensitivity accurate by 0.1 degree.
Unique compensation system using internal blackbody references and temperature sensors for high repeatability
Fast and simple operation Self contained unit with ergonomic and rugged design
Highly portable and weather resistant
Simple touch button controls
Customized screen layout
Real time temperature measurement and imaging
Rapid start-up time (Less Than 5 seconds)
Includes easy to use 1-2-3 software suite
User addressed calibration (one button push Auto Cal)
Clear images in the field optimum image resolution
Excellent thermal sensitivity
Integrated adjustable viewfinder / Optional LCD monitor & Still image (JPEG) or live movie (Mpeg) Image capture module with removable SD ram card and USB Data download
Image integration function
Real time images
High utilization factor Low life cycle and running costs
Modular aircraft aluminum chassis design

The TST-X20 comes in a waterproof Carry / Ship heavy duty sealed hardcase.

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