The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit.
The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology.


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Our infrared camera division brings you ultra high tech infrared cameras at the lowest price in the country. We have specially designed systems for predictive maintenance, non destructive testing, roofing, medical, law enforcement, military, automotive, and all other infrared camera and thermography applications.

SPI offers the latest in high technology image intensified electro-optical equipment. We carry affordable state of the art light intensification night vision devices. Units are available in a variety of configurations including nightvision goggles, night vision pocket scopes, night driving systems, binoculars, and weapon sights. provides state of the art Military and Industrial Electro-optics to a wide variety of United States customers.

Our Infrared cameras employ next generation IR sensors packages which are suitable for military, police, force protection, remote sensing, security, border and perimeter protection, surveillance, night vision imaging, industrial, research and development, medical, electrical, mechanical, roofing, energy auditing & a wide array of sophisticated infrared camera and thermography applications.

Our new website has GSA thermal Infrared cameras imagers and night vision systems.

Our Tactical gen 3 and gen 4 Night vision systems pack high end generation 2 and 3+ image intensification technology housed in binocular, goggle, weapons sights & scope, and combat camera IR recording packages. Primary applications include United States force protection, night sighting & targeting, hands free operation, long/medium & long range total dark night imaging & industrial & a plethora of innovative applications.




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